Saturday, July 4, 2009

Completing the large painting I started in Xiamen

Here are a series of photos of my completion of the painting I started in Xiamen .

It was on display during the group show , but only 1/3 completed and keep the viewer in touch ,with the process of the completion .

Hope to finish the painting by the end of this week .

Because of the nature of this painting I have to wait for the layers to dry .

The painting is on linen and is 3000mm x 1690 mm , oil paint on canvas.

In life we get visited by dreams all the time .

Other peoples dreams and wishes and ones own .

The paintings is based on that concept.

I am always staggered about the dimension of the mind .

I can't point out to the beginning nor the end , so everything is that huge possibility .

The painting is called " When dreams , visit dreams "

It is cold in the Capital .

Quite a shock to the system , so better keep the fingers warm painting .

Namaste Robert