Monday, June 4, 2012

Alexander Calder at the Gemeente Museum

 My visit to the Gemeente museum in The Hague ,The Netherlands, was a real buzz , Alexander Calder's works are very free and almost sketch like and play full ,so much so that at first glance they look child like , but so sophisticated at the same time. For me a person in whatever disciplines who can portray these qualities, connects the realm of the mind with the hand and visa versa. And hereby walk the path of the conjurer,a person that can connect with the sub human wanderings .Pathfinders in our society and pioneers.

           Portrait of Pieter Mondrian , Calder was very much inspired by his works
 Painting by Mondrian

 Jewelry by Alexander Calder

Down below a photo of Calder entertaining guest with his circus performance and the one at the bottom in his studio .
 Alexander Calder standing in the Middle  ,foreground left Pieter Mondrian