Monday, October 5, 2009

Amsterdam - Tropen museum

Visiting an gallery called the Tropen museum in Amsterdam ,it is anthropology museum

An artist Heri Dono has an exhibition , which runs to the end of October.

He is an Indonesian artist reflecting in a critical and humorous way the political and social conditions and problems in his country. It is a quite his own style and with some influence of Matisse and Picasso and streams of the Cobra artists. He uses ancestral sculpture interpretations, shadow puppets and images from Flash Gordon and Superman.

Donos' interpretations are although influenced by his own unique language .

The exhibition consists of large installations of wooden puppets and microphones, playing metallic voice recordings making the whole thing seem humanistic and weird in a funny way.Like an old recording studio.

This a good example that artist can be the connection between the seen and the unseen. Artists can be the voice box of society .

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mexican Monumental Sculptures The Hague The netherlands 2009

These are a series of photos from an Mexican Artist called Javier Martin.

The sculptures were on display in the Hague August 2009.