Thursday, January 26, 2012

"When Dreams visit dreams"

These works will be on show at the Expressions Art Gallery Upper Hutt  from the 24 th of February till the 1 of April  2012

We all live in our own world yet continually mix with the outer world, however it is quite unique that we communicate at all because most of our world is so private.

We are like drops of water fusing together to make a puddle

We walk along with others in life and share and yet we are alone.

It is that aloneness that creates our individual interpretation of life

"One walks around oneself in a circle and keep on meeting oneself in unexpected places" 

Here are some works which are currently showing at The museum in Taupo , also the works by jeweler Gillian Rainer she is an artist from Perth,

The series of works I have created on brass leaf and used the reflection through the paint to create the image.

           "Boys hood Dream "   oil paint on canvas                   
                                      "God Head"    oil paint on canvas
         "Greed is transparent"   oil paint on canvas
           " Shaman Dreaming" oil paint on canvas
            " Shaman dreaming"  oil paint on canvas
                       "The Night "  oil paint on canvas
     "The cure and table to conjure up fake angles "    oil paint on canvas
                   "The Introvert"  oil paint on canvas
  "The Red spot on the Mandible"    oil paint on canvas
 "Love makes most animal almost Human " oil paint on canvas
"The Sandman" oil paint on canvas

My studio at The Learning Connextion in preparations for my exhibition ,
 where I am artist in residence

Jewelry By Australian artist Gillian Rainer
from Perth

          " The Shadow cast their flowers" 925 silver,18ct yellow cold,black onyx,coral.
             "The Shadow cast their flowers"925 silver,seed pearls
                      "The Shadows cast their flowers"925 silver, garnet

           "At night some black swans turn white" oil painting on canvas board  
           "Cleansing Bowl" glass engraving washing basin
              " Cleansing Bowl"  glass engraving washing basin
                "The crow and it's passenger" oil Paint on canvas
               " The Trickster" oil paint on canvas
                "Vessels for loved ones  ( The Floating world)
                    "When Dreams visit dreams" oil paint on canvas

        'When dreams come to visit" Quilt designed by Robert Franken
                                                                Made by Katherine Morrison

All works are for sale please inquire