Monday, August 31, 2009

Journeys and preparations and the stage we set.

About the photos . Entrance to Exhibition Robert Franken (Gate way).Magic horn containing potions for healing(Attributes to conjure) , Sumatra.Vodou Altar for communicating with the ancestors
Haiti,Dance masker Dogon ( To speak on behalf of the ancestors Africa.Roman Perfume bottles ( 80 BC),Raven( Foreboding of the right of passage to the other side).Ancestor Figure( Representative of the for elder), Mummy Egypt ( In preparation for the journey)1500 BC,Coffin in shape of a fish ( Coffin of a Fisherman)South Ghana, Roman Battle mask (IN preparation for battle)found in Holland 150 AD,Tattoo in progress by Robert Franken( Right of passage),Divining Slab 1500 BC ( Foretelling the season sand what is to come)Egypt.Capping( Rite of passage).Landscapes for inspiration,Arabian daggers, Jambiya's( Status symbol), Offerings to communicate with the Gods.

I find that as an artist and it applies to most things , that the more one is aware of the stage we set .
The more we can step or project our self into the unknown .

Meaning- from moment to moment everything is new .

Most of the time we view the moment from the viewpoint of habit.
But, really, it is all happening for the first time .

When I start a series of paintings .
I deliberate clean my glass sheet for mixing paint , lay out the tubes .and prepare all my canvases , so they feel just right .

I even might buy some cheap brushes and shape them to make the required marks , producing a scene that lies there waiting for me to start .

It functions like a jumping board into the unknown .

The same for an altar , set before the ceremony.

The entrance to an exhibition , capping day is the entrance toward the next step , the make- up table ,for a preparing for the event, the way the writer lays out his or her pens.

The way we make a choice of dress to project oneself into the day , or try to belong to the human tribe.

These undertakings can make quite a difference, with our journey into the day , night , or the long journeys .

These moments of deliberate stages we set , gives us a moment to be still .

Becoming aware and gives one a launching pad into the about or next stage .

All things around us are a potential .

It is the intent we give it, that will be part of the journey .

A knife by itself is just an object , the intent will becomes its journey .

A brush is just an object , the intent gives it it's journey .

It is in setting the stage that one can observe possibilities.

As an artist I suffer from stage fright , which is a positive thing , because in that moment in time I haven't been there yet .

Setting the stage enables me to be neutral.

Also "the About" is very important , we have a habit to copy , but the more you question "the About" the more one in bed one thoughts or blow life into that what we are undertaking.

When we turn the light out at night one can see no colour . So painting is really playing with light .

One switches the light on , on the end of a stick.
Perhaps Pyramids are the corners of buried treasure chests ?

The completed work " When dreams visit dreams"

Well at long last here is a photo of the completed work I started in China and finished in my studio ( Atelier ) in Taita .

The painting is called " When dreams visit dreams " It is a bit like that in real life .

Measuring 1690 high by 2890 long oil paint on linen .

Because reality and dream are running side by side .

The painting also include a Cicade .

In China in the olden days people were buried with a copy cut in stone ( Jade ) put on the tongue .
This gave the spirit a voice in the after life.

The painting will be on show from the 17th of September till the 4 of October at Pataka .

Together with some other large works .

You are all welcome to come and view it .

The exhibition consist out of five other artist called Owen Mapp, Doug Marsden . Steven Myhre . Alan Wehipeihana and David McGill.

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